Mattole Valley Historical Society


The mission of the Mattole Valley Historical Society is to preserve and promote the study of the human and natural history of the Mattole Valley region for present and future generations.


The Mattole Valley Historical Society (MVHS) was founded in 1999 by Laura Cooskey and quickly grew to more than 200 members. The MVHS holds quarterly meetings to discuss the business of the MVHS as well as hear speakers, view slideshows, and enjoy potluck luncheons. The MVHS maintains a library - located at the Mattole Grange. Call or send an email to request office hours. We encourage you to browse our links and view the exciting content we have to offer you. If you have questions or comments about information you read or pictures you see feel free to contact us.

How To Join

Membership fees are $10.00. We would like everyone to be able to join. Dues and donations cover the production and mailing of four newsletters a year, office supplies, historical resources and documents, mailing, phone and computer costs, etc. We are currently planning grant proposals to begin to pay the volunteers who make all this happen--so far, nobody has been financially reimbursed. The Mattole Grange has been a great help. They have generously provided the room used as office and library, and let us decorate the hall with old photographs. We also host most of our meetings and social events at the Grange. Membership entails no obligations. You pay your dues, you receive the newsletter and are welcome to borrow books, tapes, documents, etc., from the library. However, if you would like to sit on the Board, we have meetings at least four times a year. At which times we discuss upcoming events, newsletter articles and schedules, finances, purchases... and history! Let us know if you'd be interested in being part of the Board, or if you can join in the volunteer effort to preserve and celebrate local history in any way.

Mail: P.O. Box 144, Petrolia, California 95558. Phone: (707) 629-3684. Email: For General Questions For Web Questions